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College supplies | College gifts | $100 Gift Card | University of New Hampshire
$100 Gift Card
sent to:
University of New Hampshire
Senior | Female
College supplies | College gifts | Brilliant Birthday Bouquet | University of New Hampshire
Brilliant Birthday Bouquet
sent to:
University of New Hampshire
Freshman | Female
College supplies | College gifts | Dried Fruit Assortment | University of New Hampshire
Dried Fruit Assortment
sent to:
University of New Hampshire

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How Regaalo Works

Local College Gifts

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Family Members
Shop Local Merchants
With so many great gifts to choose from and Regaalo Recommends to help guide your selection, you will be sure to find something special from a local merchant at the student's college!
A mobile gift notification is sent to the college student's phone.
Mobile Gifts Delivered Instantly
To Your College Student
Notification is sent to the student's phone with a special code that they use to pick up their gift. You can even schedule the notification for a certain date and time.

There's no rush! When the student is ready to redeem their gift, they simply show the voucher code to the merchant and receive the gift.
A custom care package is delivered right to your student.
Delivered Care Packages
In addition to sending Mobile Gifts, Regaalo also offers a large variety of Care Packages delivered directly to your student at their college.

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